Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9

It lacks the advanced effects processors, surround support and comprehensive audio CD-authoring facilities of the full version, but includes the same core editing tools that make it invaluable for sound design for video and music production. However, now that budget audio- and video-editing software can record at high sample rates and bit depths, Audio Studio 8's limitation to bit, 48kHz files was a drawback. As such, we're glad to see that version 9 supports bit, 96kHz audio. Audio Studio 9 has also inherited the full version's ability to move sections of audio by drag and drop, plus its scrubbing tool for up to four-speed playback. The new Disc-at-Once CD burning option is perfect for creating audio CDs where start ID markers are required in the middle of uninterrupted streams of music.

Price of Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9

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How to make a mix - Sony Sound Forge 9.0

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