Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12

Please follow these links to read new reviews: So the names have been given some Zen treatment with the removal of "Vegas" and "HD" out of the title of the core program, and "Production" has been also been dropped from the Suite version. This is definitely at the top of the list of Major Changes to the Movie Studio Platinum program and the main reason why existing users of Version 9, 10 or 11 should consider upgrading to Version Up until now, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum was only ever a 32bit program, which means it had to follow the rules of 32bit computing - even if you had Vegas installed on a Wizz Bang 64bit Machine with tons of memory, storage and a fast multi-core CPU. With the explosion of p and p HD Video creation in the world over the last couple years, people have been discovering very quickly that you need a decent computer to Edit and Create HD Video files.

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When I last looked at it, Sony Movie Studio was slow, and did badly in terms of user-friendliness. With the new version, Sony Creative has made progress in the performance stakes, and the program remains chock full of near-pro-level tools, including 3D and Blu-ray support. But Movie Studio hasn't come far along enough in terms of usability to earn a high score, and neither has it kept up with competitors that offer new capabilities such as 4K support.

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