Siemens Solid Edge ST6

Siemens Solid Edge ST6

Free Solid Edge Resources for Students With Solid Edge, students have access to a free version of the same easy-to-use software suite used by professionals. In addition to free software, we provide tutorials, webinars, online courses and certification to help you develop your design and engineering knowledge and skills. Learners of all ages can gain valuable experience with industry-leading technology, supporting your studies in STEM subjects science, technology, engineering and mathematics at all levels of education, from elementary school through university. Offer Free Solid Edge Software for Students From elementary school students to college age, homeschoolers, self-learners and afterschool club members, the Solid Edge Student Edition is the same software used by professionals—free to any active learner. Here, you will find a comprehensive library of self-paced Solid Edge learning, covering everything from basic techniques, such as sketching, to advanced topics, such as sheet metal and generative design.

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Siemens PLM and the Solid Edge ST7 Release

Step 1: Go to support. Under License Management choose Licenses.

Solid Edge ST6 - Synchronous Technology

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