Macromates TextMate

Macromates TextMate

TextMate 1. The Unix-based concepts behind TextMate would seem to put it at the leading edge of text editing, where all manner of text manipulations occur with the magic of a few keystrokes we don't need no stinkin' mouse. Lots of keystroke combinations to remember, but the time savings for those who use these shortcut assistants should be significant on a daily basis. For those who appreciate this type of mindset, it's fabulous. BBEdit can validate html code site-wide, while TextEdit can validate only one file at a time I'm still reading the manual to double-check this. BBEdit then can whisk you from the error list to the text in question, while in TextMate, you have to note the error line number in the validation window and then locate it in the file. That's a huge time saver in BBEdit on a web site consisting of a hundred text files or more.

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History[ edit ] TextMate 1. Even so, some developers found this early and incomplete version of TextMate a welcome change to a market that was considered stagnated by the decade-long dominance of BBEdit. In the series of TextMate 1.

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