Macrabbit Espresso 2

Macrabbit Espresso 2

With built-in FTP support and a host of useful features, this is my favourite text editor to date. Since moving away from the increasingly-bloated Dreamweaver some time ago, I have tried various other options for coding websites. I have tried TextWrangler, Komodo Edit, Coda demo only as it never had all the features I expected to find, and the Coda 2 release is taking forever to arrive Update: Coda 2 finally released May 25 and TextMate which has been my longer-term favourite.

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Dec 12, - Espresso 2 is a feature-packed text editor for the Mac. If you want to speed up your workflow when writing code for websites, you won't go far. You design and develop for the Web? Espresso turbo-charges your workflow with the perfect blend of features. Speed through day-to-day edits with extensive. cost of Macrabbit Espresso 2 subscription of – or even the web-based generates static websites Online – will remain unimpressed by the new build websites.

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