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FAQ Description Covers every major feature of this popular language for application development for the Mac and iOS devices, with instructions for building basic applications using Objective-C and Xcode 4. In this course, Simon Allardice provides a nuts-and-bolts overview of Objective-C, the popular language for developing Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications, and discusses how to build a basic application using Objective-C and Xcode 4. The course shows how to download and install the development tools, covers every major feature of the language, and walks through the writing, compiling, and debugging stages of development. Programmers will also learn about memory management, a vital aspect of programming in O… Read the complete description Frequently asked questions There are no frequently asked questions yet. If you have any more questions or need help, contact our customer service.

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Objective-C Essential Training

- [Voiceover] Welcome to Objective-C Essential Training. I'm Simon Allardice. Okay, there are dozens of programming languages out there, but if you want to build applications that run on the iPhone or the iPad, or create desktop applications for the Mac, there is one language above all the others, Objective-C. It is the best language for building apps for Apple hardware. Objective-C Training and Tutorials. Watch our Objective-C tutorials if you want to build applications and code in Objective-C, the popular object-oriented language used to build apps for Apple. Learn Objective-C basics like writing, compiling, and debugging. Start My Free Month. C has been around for nearly half a century, but it's still as essential as ever. This powerful language lies at the heart of many modern languages—including JavaScript and Objective-C—and is an up-and-coming language for embedded systems.

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