- Creating Infographics with Illustrator - Creating Infographics with Illustrator

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- [Tony] Infographics are everywhere and the demand for competent infographic skills as a designer is increasing. Developing the skills to create effective graphics, deal with standard and/or customized charts as well as to manage large documents are essential in getting to grips with making infographics that really work. Illustrator is an excellent tool to build your infographics elements and. - [Tony] Hello there, my name's Tony Harmer, and I would very much like to welcome you to this course, Creating Infographics with Illustrator. We'll start out by looking at what an infographic actually is and looking at some sources of data that you might use in production. Create an infographic with Adobe Illustrator and other graphics applications to help your audience visualize data and analytics. Taught by leading industry professionals, our infographic tutorials teach the core concepts you'll need to design rich, meaningful infographics, including data visualization, planning and wireframing your graphic, and.

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