Geomagic Wrap 2017

Geomagic Wrap 2017

From expanded file format support to manipulating texture maps for bringing your printed parts to life, the 3D scan data toolbox of Geomagic Wrap provides a wealth of possibilities. Your most efficient 3D workflow yet Geomagic Wrap delivers the required tools for an improved smoother workflow. With its Exact Surfacing tools, the easy-to-use Geomagic software delivers progressive modeling functions needed to create high-quality 3D models every time.

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Geomagic Wrap Released - OR3D

Wrap provides its users with a seamless scan data to model workflow that is continuing to evolve and lead the market of 3D scan data processing. The latest. Geomagic Wrap Reviews & Product Details. Geomagic Wrap Overview. What is Geomagic Wrap? Surfacing for 3D Scan Invitation from G2. Oct 30, Geomagic Wrap is a post-processing software for converting point cloud data into 3D polygonal models and exact surfaces.

Geomagic Wrap Basic Workflow

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