FXpansion BFD3

FXpansion BFD3

Have they succeeded? And even if you have the kit, drummer, recording space and microphone collection to compete with what's possible with these virtual instrument tools, efficiency alone might be enough to mean you choose the virtual route. So, five years after its release — and given that BFD2 is still one of the best virtual drum instruments available — just what have FXpansion found to improve upon? What's New? Equally, multiple articulations have been sampled. For example, for the snare you can get standard hits, drags, flam, half edge, rimshot, side stick and rim click, while the hi-hat features as many as 13 different articulations.

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So if you want the best in acoustic drum samples, should you be making space on your hard drive for BFD2? The main Kit page of BFD2 with a piece kit loaded.

Обзор барабанного модуля FXpansion BFD3 [Yorshoff Mix]

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