Divergent media EditReady

Divergent media EditReady

I love EditReady. It's nice to be able to bulk transcode with a reliable program. I don't think this program every crashed on me and always did the job. This program is great when you need a third party program to transcode video footage before you edit. This is usually done by editors to make.

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Playback Media In Native Wrappers. EditReady allows you to screen your camera original media files before you transcode them. Apply a LUT to preview your LOG media in video, or with a specific predetermined look. Or check your previewed clip in ScopeBox via our integrated ScopeLink connection. You can even set in and out points to limit your /5(67). EditReady will only allow you to join media if the files all have the same frame size and framerate. If there's a mismatch, the join menu option will be disabled. GoPro. EditReady will automatically join files that follow the standard GoPro naming conventions. AVCHD and HDV. divergent media is an independent software company focused on providing flexible tools for monitoring, quality assurance, and acquisition for the video produ Views: K.

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