Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015

Next Description Validate your skills and enhance your credibility through Autodesk certification. Passing a certification exam proves to your employer and clients that you are proficient on the software needed to do your job. This class will help you prepare for the Revit Architecture Professional Certification exam. Learn tips and trick on how to use the software to answer exam questions related to objectives, quickly and correctly, to ensure your success as you sit to take your exam. Key Learnings Discover Tips and Tricks to being successful as you sit to take your exam List key exam topics and objectives Use the software to accomplish exam objectives Find study materials that cover exam objectives Speakers.

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This update release is not a full install; rather it uses service pack technology similar to AutoCAD-based products. Refer to the Autodesk Revit Architecture R2 subscription download page for further information. You can apply this update release to Autodesk Revit Architecture R2 running on all supported operating systems and languages.

Revit 2015 Tutorial 1: Introduction to Revit

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