Autodesk Maya 2013

Autodesk Maya 2013

Viewport 2. Bullet PhysicsSimulate both soft and rigid bodies in a single system, with the high-performance, open source AMD Bullet Physics engine. Heat Map SkinningEnjoy a more accurate initial binding of geometry to skeletons in Maya , thanks to a new Heat Map Skinning method that: File Referencing Workflow EnhancementsMore easily segment scenes to work in parallel and better manage complexity, thanks to targeted improvements to both the user interface and the underlying architecture for file referencing. Graph Editor EnhancementsEnhancements to the Graph Editor include a new interactive Retime tool and a stepped preview mode for pose-to-pose animation.

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Autodesk Maya SP2 2. Powerful new toolsets for dynamic simulation, animation, and rendering help artists realize new levels of creativity while offering the enhanced productivity that will help keep them on schedule and within budget.

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