Apple iLife ’11

Apple iLife ’11

New letterpress cards let you combine your photos and text with elegant imprinted designs to create unique wedding invitations, birth announcements, holiday greetings and more. You can choose from 15 different genres including Adventure, Romantic Comedy and Epic Drama, each one complete with its own unique titles, graphics and cinematic soundtrack. Powerful new tools make it easy to selectively adjust audio levels and apply sophisticated visual effects like flash and hold, instant replay and jump cuts with a single click. People Finder analyzes your videos and marks sections containing faces, so you can quickly find the perfect clips for your trailer or movie. Flex Time lets you move, stretch or shorten individual notes by clicking on just the part of the audio waveform you want to change, without affecting the rest of the recording.

Purchasing Apple iLife ’11

Apple (Canada) - iLife - Do more with photos, movies, and music on a Mac.

The incredible new iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. All part of iLife ' And all part of every new Mac. Full-screen views in iPhoto make distractions disappear,  Missing: †‎™. iLife is a software suite for macOS and iOS developed by Apple Inc. It consists of various any other code. The last version of iWeb was released with iLife '11  Missing: †‎™. In the alone Angel certified adviser to iLife, the authors accept you alive wonders with iLife ’11 aural the aboriginal few pages. Featuring acute footage and.

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