Adobe InDesign CS5

Adobe InDesign CS5

The ability to track changes to an InDesign document, for example, opens up new collaboration opportunities. Track changes to your documents When several people are working on the same document, determining what they have modified can be difficult. Adobe, borrowing an idea from Microsoft Word, now lets you track the changes made to the text of an InDesign document by each user. Change to Story Editor view to look at your text and you can see any proposed edits, such as deleting, moving, or inserting text. You can then accept or reject proposed edits by using the Track Changes panel. View the stacking order of documents on a layer by clicking the triangle next to the layer name in the Layers panel.

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Mar 10, - Learn about InDesign CS5, a professional design and layout tool for producing high quality documents for print and on-screen delivery. lynda. Apr 11, - Use on-object controls to modify frame corners directly in the layout. Integration with Adobe CS Review* – Create and share document reviews. "Windows version. It includes onlyInDesign CS5 fromAdobe Creative Suite 5, not any other CS5 software program. Everyone knows software worth nothing after.

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