Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

This tool is vector graphic and the main point is saleable this means that the logos, images, web designs, etc need the exact alignments and scaling in the design so the illustrator is used for. Why are banners designed in illustrator? Because of the resolution which means the image resolution not disturb or change when you zoom in or zoom out even too much. Here we mention the comparison of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator so you get knowledge about both and use the appropriate for designing the things. Single canvas in Adobe Photoshop and multiple artboards in Illustrator. Object selection in Illustrator is allowed whereas in Photoshop area selection is used.

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The release of Illustrator CC now better leverages the power of GPU to render content — which means faster artwork rendering during zooming, panning, and scrolling. Each art type has been rewritten, so that it is computed and rendered on the graphic processor. GPU enhancements are . Intro to Adobe Illustrator CC dobe Illustrator is the industry standard vector drawing tool. It's used by print professionals as well as illustrators and web designers. Mar 20,  · Adobe Illustrator CC is the graphic designing tool that is used to design the logos, designs, web application pages, mockups, image editing, pamphlets, banners, sketches and many other things you can develop in this tool.

Tutorial Vector Portraits - it's cool man (Using Adobe Illustrator cc.2015)

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