Adobe Flash Professional CC

Adobe Flash Professional CC

Switching between projects takes forever Jerky animation on certain platforms Memory Hog Without opening project Consumes almost 1gig AS3 is not compatible with google's Swiffy Summary Although the cons seem to outweigh the pro's here overall flash CS5. As a industry standard flash is a dying technology. Until adobe creates a better Wallaby Convertor for flash to html5 flash will just be another cool lil tool for web apps. When using CS5. Try and only work on 1 project t a time and dear god try not to run anything else. Outside of Adobe products Its funny tho how Adobe products run seamless when flash is running but others cause flash to crash or just come to a crawl.

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Apr 30, - Flash Professional is becoming Adobe Animate CC. Support for evolving web standards comes standard. Your audience is everywhere. Rating: 4 - ‎ votes - ‎$ - ‎Windows - ‎Design/Graphics. Nov 21, - Adobe Flash Professional (well known as Flash) is a vector's base type design and animation software, based on frames, and able to create. Flash Professional CC was released in June as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud rebrand. Changes include a native bit scene rendering engine, minor.

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