Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate 2017

The new release contains several enhancements and additions that have really enhanced your ability to create high-quality eLearning in a short amount of time. There will be webinars, videos, and blog posts coming in the near future with more detailed information on each of these. First of all, there are a couple of major enhancements that will aid in the creation of Responsive aka. Mobile eLearning:

Adobe Captivate 2017 cost

Download New Adobe Captivate Release: Direct Links & Trials | ProDesignTools

Installing Adobe Captivate release Note: The instructions below are specific to Windows. Before you install, close all applications currently running on your system—including other Adobe applications, Microsoft Office applications, and browser windows.

Adobe Captivate 2017 for Beginners - Creating your first eLearning project (Webinar Recording)

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